My first sagra

What is a sagra, you ask? Well, it’s at the end of the day. But first we did a little normal life stuff…I took Lorella to Greve to get her car from the mechanic! Yes, it happens in Italy too. Then after a cappuccino Lorella took me on una bella passeggiata, a nice walk. It was … More My first sagra

Getting lost…again

This morning I decided to get back in the car and take a little spin before it was time to get together with Lorella. I’m having somewhat of a love/hate relationship with the car. Rosalba got me situated with a new parking spot so I don’t have to deal with a steep hill right out … More Getting lost…again

A day in Lucca

This afternoon Lorella and I took a drive to Lucca, about an hour and a half away from Panzano, but before we headed out together I had a nice lunch (which was originally planned to be a snack but I couldn’t eat it all) at an enoteca in Panzano called Il Cardo. It’s amazing how good … More A day in Lucca

Un po’ di relax

There are some words that Italian has borrowed from English and one of them is “relax”. They also have their own word “riposare” (to relax, rest) but often you will hear the English word. Well that is what today was all about. I slept in very late and caught up on some much needed sleep. … More Un po’ di relax

So much history…

Our day began early as we set off to see the “newer” part of Roman, that is compared to the ancient ruins of the southern part. I got to see the Trevi Fountain again, this time with the morning light and a smaller crowd. Then we walked along the big shopping streets of Via del … More So much history…